What I got for Christmas+Christmas meaning


WOW,it’s been a while since I’ve published a blog.Uhm…Exciting news:I’m actually in New York right now so we might meet,because let’s face it ,everyone goes shopping.

In the honor of the holiday spirit,I decided to write about what I got for Christmas.So the first thing that I got is ….get excited…an Apple Watch!!!And OMG it’s so cool.You can receive all your messages  on it  and it has a lot of workout apps and since I’m an active person ,this really come in handy .The next thing that I got is an IPad pro and I’m on it right now.The screen is huge.It’s basically like a laptop screen so that is good,because I’m travelling a lot.And the last thing that I got is a backpack from Stella Mcartney and it has some silver detailing on the sides so it’s really cool.

Now,the meaning of Christmas.Christmas isn’t about getting presents and I know you hire that all the time,but dare you to think about others only once a year.Try to give and not to wait for anything in return.You can’t hope that a poor man could give you something in return,but luck is the most important thing.You can’t touch it ,but you can feel it.

What can I say more,I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year,may all your wishes come true and let’s make 2016 even better.(I mean more followers ).

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How to get into the holiday spirit

Hello beautiful people of the Internet,

I’m back.Sorry for not posting in a while,but I’ve been really busy the past few month with finals and all that kind of things.But now I’m free and I can publish more.So I am really excited to say that I’m starting a new series on my blog called’Holidays with Ilinca’.Bassicaly you can countdown to Christmas with me and if you really want to fell like having a nice holiday season,you should read this blogs.So for today’s blog I’m going to show you some tricks and tips on how to get in the holiday spirit ,because this is what the holidays are all about.I mean if you don’t get in that holly jolly spirit,you won’t be able to be cheerful this whole time.So I’m going to stop talking and let’s get started.

1.Christmas music

This is an obvious one ,but seriously you can’t get in the holiday spirit if you don’t listen to Christmas music.Not gonna lie , I’m listening to Christmas music right now.My top 5  Christmas songs are kind of old ones combined with some new ones ,but you should really give them a try.

Top 5 Christmas songs;

1.All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber

2.Santa tell me-Ariana Grande

3.Christmas Eve-Sarajevo(Instrumental)

4.Let it snow-Dean Martin

5.Merry Christmas everyone -Shakin’ Stevens


If you don’t know how to decorate your room this holiday season,here are some ideas on how to do it.

a.Putting lights on your bed

b.Decorating a christmas tree

c.Burning some candles

So those were all my ideas on how to get in the holiday spirit.I hope you enjoyed and if you did give it a like.Also,leave a comment below  and tell me what you like most about Christmas.If you have other tips on how to get in the holiday spirit,leave those down below.Bye!!!

Chillin’ in November

Hey Ilincators,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a blog,but I ‘ve been so busy with tests and all that kind of stuff and a few days ago,I had a 30 minute break and I wanted to write on my blog but I didn’t have WI-FI.

So yeah,October passed and also my birthday passed ,so all I can think about now is Christmas.Don’t act like you don’t do it ,cause you know you do that too.November has a lot of cool things like Starbucks ,leafes,almost Christmas mood ,so we are going to take each of those and please leave a comment if you want Christmas to come and what do you like about November.


What can I say about this.The most amazing thing in the whole Planet.My favourite drink to get when I go there is either the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

2.Almost Christms

Ok,so Christmas is my favourite fest of the year.I am always super excited on the first of December because there are exactly 24 more days till Christmas.And I know that many people say this lately,but is so true,Christmas is not all about presents,well is about presents too,but is also about being kind for 24 days.You kow,you feel so good when you do something nice to someone.Try to make that in the Christmas period.

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Apple vs. Samsung

Hello people of the Internet,

Some time ago I was asked what I like most:Samsung or Apple.And I just wanted to clarify that ,I’m not writing this blog as a comercial for Samsung or Apple,is just my opinion.So  I decided that I would write about both of them and then let you decide which one is the best in the comments below.But let’s get started.


I decided to start with Apple,because it starts with ‘A’ .You know,alphabethical order .So ,I started my IT life with the Apple products.I can still remember my first Iphone.It was an Iphone 3 with a blue case on it.I was new in this technology world so I couldn’t make differences between companiesBut the Apple products opened the door that got my into technology.I didn’t know how to search for information on the Internet,but somehow I found Safari and then I found myself sorrounded by Internet pages and all that kind of stuff.I did’t know how to take photos either ,but I saw a camera and I was like’Hmm…What if I press on this button’And so I took my first photo.What I’m trying to say is that the Apple products are for beginners.People who want to learn how to use a phone or a computer(Apple computers are the most friendy computers ever) in a fun and easy way.The most truthfull example I can give you :my grandma can use an Iphone.Now I’m good in this technology domain because of the Apple products.


The Samsung products are not as friendly as the Apple products.The first time I put my hand on a Samsung phone,I deleted my dad’s email account.But the batery is better that the batery from the Apple products and also the capacity of photos and te capacity of things in general on a Samsung product is bigger.Many people say that Samsung copies Apple,or Apple copies Samsng.But while the two companies are fighting for the first place other companies like Sony,Lenovo… are taking their place.

We are wishing luck to both cmpanies,may the best win.I am waiting  for your opinion in the commens below.Bye!

Today in my life


I hope you are having an amazing day  and if you do,then congratulations .Me?Oh,I’m just sitting here ,drinking my tea and sharing with you the experiences that I had today.But first of,I just wanna thank you for my 2 followers,a small amount , but were getting to 10,so if you are not already subscribed , you should subscribe,right now.So let’s get started with my day.

I woke up pretty hard today , as in any other day of school,but especially today,because I could”t fall asleep last night.Ten , you know,the daily struggle,SCHOOL.You probably don’t want to here about chemical reactions, so In my school breaks ,I talked to my friend Alexandra and OMG  it was this classmate of mine.And she was just dancing in the hallway and then she saw me and she wanted to get into class,but then she slipped on a orange juice glass .IT WAS SO FUNNY! :)Yeah,so then I just got home and did some homework and I will have dinner after I finish writing this.So, a school day in my life is not very interesting , but I just wanted to talk to  you and I needed another blog for my series.

So that was so today’s blog.I hope you enjoyed it and if you did be sure to ‘Like’ this blog.I will talk to you in my next blog.Bye!


My photo says bye too!

Count down to my birthday

Hello world,

How are you ?I missed your faces.I want all of you to get a cup of hot chocolate ,sit on your sofa or your bed and just relax,because it’s that time of the year when you just want to stay cozy.

So today’s blog will be all about my birthday.In exactly 15 days will be my birthday anniversary .I’m going to be 13 !!!And I really don’t know what’s about it,but I always get excited about it.I’m going to celebrate  my birthday party only with my parents and we are actually going to go to Milan,which is pretty nice.

As expectations,I don’t know.I really don’t wish something that much.What will be,will be.Each year,I get flower bouquets ,but there are always small and I have like 3 that are the same and then just grass.I always imagined how it would be if I would get a really big bouquet ,but a really big one,with a bunch of different flowers.

So that was for today’s blog.I hope you guys liked it and I makes your day better.And if you liked it give it a like and subscribe .Ok.I think that’s all.Bye!