The Ultimate Guide To Self-Confidence

I know I used to talk a lot about self-confidence in my blogs until I realised that I was absolutely wrong about it.After all , I’m not the right person to talk about confidence, considering the fact that I used to be really shy before.But I guess you should take some advice from a person who actually used those tehniques.

All the rumours about doing yoga or stressing less…They only help your mind think that you’re more confident .It’s just an impression.Think of it this way:you are at the bottom of some stairs and the first stair is so hard to reach ,but then you realise that the others are easier to reach so you just have to JUMP.(btw that’s my masterpiece)image


Stair 1:Think of yourself as two persons 

The first one is always the hardest.Think of yourself as two persons working together in a team ,trying to win .Everybody wants to win , right?Here are some things that you might consider doing in order to step on the first stair:

  • Give your inner -self a name(my inner-self’s name is Charlotte)
  • As I don’t want to make you talk by yourself ,a good option is to write letters to your inner-self
  • Prove your team mate that you are good enough and that you can always get better
  • Write your achievements in your letters, so that way you can keep track of what you’ve done well so farimage.jpeg

Stair 2:The others

In order to look more confident on the outside, try some of the following tips:

  • Shoulders back,head straight
  • Don’t forget that you don’t have to be full of yourself ,that’s a totally different thing
  • Talk to people.If the don’t want to talk to you,that’s fine.But try to find a subject that interests you and other people.


Stair 3:Mentain your level of confidence at it’s maximum 

After you’re finished with steps 1 and 2 , you heve to mentain it .Continue to write letters and never ditch your inner -self.You need it.

I would really love to see if this tehniques work for you too.So if you try them out , make sure to leave a commet telling me how you feel now and also the quote that inspires you the most.Let’s try and make the comment section a place filled with confidence.



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