Traveling to Italy

Hello travelers,

If you are reading this , you probably want to travel to Italy.I’ve travelled to Italy quite a few times and I can tell you that Italy is a place surrounded by history and when you’re in Italy you just smell history.So we are just going to get on an invisible plane and go to Italy.

1.Some history about Italy

Ok,I’m not gonna get in too many details about the history of Italy,just a few words ,so that I can make you interested.Rome,the capital of Italy was the first city there and it  was built in 753 bc.Basically the italian culture is made out of other two cultures:the greek culture and the roman culture.In 395 dc,Italy was divided in two:the Western  Empire and the Eastern Empire.After a few years ,only the Eastern Empire lived.And then Italy turned out having many artists,known artists:Leonardo da Vinci,Sandro Botticelli,Dante Alighieri,etc.

2.What to see

So now moving on to the actual interest.So I am going to list some places in different parts of Italy ,cause Italy is not just Rome:

a)Rome:                                                                                      b)Sorrento(my personal favourite):

The Colosseum                                                                            The Amalfi Coast

The Cathedral ‘Santa Maria del Fiore’                                     The Piaza Tasso

The Pantheon                                                                                 B&B Maria Grande

The Uffizi Gallery

Fontana di Trevi


So there are all kind of small shops in Rome near the Spanish Steps and btw, the Spanish Steps are like the crowded place I’ve ever seen in my life.They also have some shopping centers ,but I only know one of them and I heard that this is the best ,because you can find different kind of clothes ,like cheaper ones and expensive ones and it is called Euroma 2.


Some really good restaurants that I’ve been to are:Agata e Romeo(you really have to try their broccoli pasta,they are soooo tasty);Caffee della Pace and Le Pergola.

I really hope this got you some ideas on what to do if you travel to Italy and I am waiting for your feedback in the comment section below.Buona giornata!


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