Desk organisation tips

Hello everyone ,

So I was online the other day and I was just thinking:we all want to have an organised desk space,but we have to do something about it,not just wait for a miracle to happen.So I have a few organisation tips for you to try out.

1.Doing one thing at a time

So as if you’re studying ,you have to do one thing at a time.That means that you have to have  a clean desk.have only your essentials on the desk , so that you can prevent being scared that you have too much to do.And speaking of essentials ,my desk essentials are:some hair ties , because sometimes I really want to get all the hair out of my face,then I have my desktop which is the latest Mac,I don’t know how is called,some pens , pencils, crayons,you know, something to write with and a vase with some flowers,because sometimes I just feel like having someone to talk to , while I’m doing homework.

2.Having drawers

I really recommend having a desk with drawers, that way , you can store all your supplies without having to put them on your desk.Also , putting in one of your drawers a agenda or just a plane notebook to write all your thoughts and things that you have to do , is a really good idea.Which brings me to my next tip.

3.Computer organisation

We are all now surrounded by technology.But one of the things we do wrong is that we use technology only for social media and photoshop.So a really good thing is to organise all your assignments in your computer, download all kink of homework planners that will help you being more organised.

so I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you did , make sure to give it a ‘like’.See you next time.Bye!



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