Tea and fantasies

Hello everyone,

So , as I was trying to find this week’s blog subject , I got inspired by tea.We al know that tea is known as the british drink :the british tea.I like to think that tea is the elegant drink and since I’m not living in the UK I don’t drink tea everyday.But I also like finding out about new things so we are goingto talk about some sorts of tea.

1.White tea

This one is also known as bai hao.This is a chinese tea and is also known for it’s delicate flowers.This plant is pretty rare ,you can only find it once a year.There are some popular  varieties of white tea:silver needle(bai hao yan zhen),this one contents the most delicate flavour.

2.Green tea

This one is not actually green,but pale yellow or straw color.Green teas that have been steamed contain moare moisture so are therefore more delicate.This also has some popular varieties:dragon’s well(lung ching);matcha;sencha.

3.Oolong tea

The Oolong tea has the largest array of flavours and aromas.The famous varieties are :thai guan yin(named from the Iron Goddess of Mercy);Dong ding (vegetal notes)

So that was for today’s blog.I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did give this blog a like.See you next time.Bye!





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