How books make us feel

Hello everyone,

Happy Sunday ! I mean why not ? Cause Sunday is Funday . I don’t know  , this is what I saw on a T-shirt . So today we are going to talk about books . My favourite book right now is ‘Code of da Vinci’ . My mom actually recommended and it is so good . If you are looking for a mystery and educational book  , this is the one .

So I don’t know about you , but sometimes after I finish a book , I feel like the things that happened to the characters have happened to me . But is just the writer’s creation to make you feel like that . So after I finish the book I’m usually happy and you know , proud and after that I’m coming back to reality . It’s the worse thing . But in my opinion , if the book doesn’t make you take part at the action is not a good one . I’ve found some that were just not  fun . 

Comparing to movies , books are more real . Because if you read a horror book and you read for example Frankenstein , you can feel him near you . But if you watch the movie , you’ll feel scared only after the movie has ended . What I like to do is first read the book and try to imagine exactly how the character looks , maybe draw it on a piece of paper and then ,watch the movie to see if I was right .

Please leave a comment below telling me what your favourite book is and what kind of books you like . Give this blog a like if you’ve enjoyed it and I don‘t know if you’ve noticed  , but in honour of creativity and imagination I’ve coloured my blog in different colours . I hope you are having an amazing day and see you next time . Bye!


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