What I got for Christmas+Christmas meaning


WOW,it’s been a while since I’ve published a blog.Uhm…Exciting news:I’m actually in New York right now so we might meet,because let’s face it ,everyone goes shopping.

In the honor of the holiday spirit,I decided to write about what I got for Christmas.So the first thing that I got is ….get excited…an Apple Watch!!!And OMG it’s so cool.You can receive all your messages  on it  and it has a lot of workout apps and since I’m an active person ,this really come in handy .The next thing that I got is an IPad pro and I’m on it right now.The screen is huge.It’s basically like a laptop screen so that is good,because I’m travelling a lot.And the last thing that I got is a backpack from Stella Mcartney and it has some silver detailing on the sides so it’s really cool.

Now,the meaning of Christmas.Christmas isn’t about getting presents and I know you hire that all the time,but dare you to think about others only once a year.Try to give and not to wait for anything in return.You can’t hope that a poor man could give you something in return,but luck is the most important thing.You can’t touch it ,but you can feel it.

What can I say more,I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year,may all your wishes come true and let’s make 2016 even better.(I mean more followers ).

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you did give it a ‘Like’ and leave a comment below telling me what you got for Christmas.


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