How to get into the holiday spirit

Hello beautiful people of the Internet,

I’m back.Sorry for not posting in a while,but I’ve been really busy the past few month with finals and all that kind of things.But now I’m free and I can publish more.So I am really excited to say that I’m starting a new series on my blog called’Holidays with Ilinca’.Bassicaly you can countdown to Christmas with me and if you really want to fell like having a nice holiday season,you should read this blogs.So for today’s blog I’m going to show you some tricks and tips on how to get in the holiday spirit ,because this is what the holidays are all about.I mean if you don’t get in that holly jolly spirit,you won’t be able to be cheerful this whole time.So I’m going to stop talking and let’s get started.

1.Christmas music

This is an obvious one ,but seriously you can’t get in the holiday spirit if you don’t listen to Christmas music.Not gonna lie , I’m listening to Christmas music right now.My top 5  Christmas songs are kind of old ones combined with some new ones ,but you should really give them a try.

Top 5 Christmas songs;

1.All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber

2.Santa tell me-Ariana Grande

3.Christmas Eve-Sarajevo(Instrumental)

4.Let it snow-Dean Martin

5.Merry Christmas everyone -Shakin’ Stevens


If you don’t know how to decorate your room this holiday season,here are some ideas on how to do it.

a.Putting lights on your bed

b.Decorating a christmas tree

c.Burning some candles

So those were all my ideas on how to get in the holiday spirit.I hope you enjoyed and if you did give it a like.Also,leave a comment below  and tell me what you like most about Christmas.If you have other tips on how to get in the holiday spirit,leave those down below.Bye!!!


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