Apple vs. Samsung

Hello people of the Internet,

Some time ago I was asked what I like most:Samsung or Apple.And I just wanted to clarify that ,I’m not writing this blog as a comercial for Samsung or Apple,is just my opinion.So  I decided that I would write about both of them and then let you decide which one is the best in the comments below.But let’s get started.


I decided to start with Apple,because it starts with ‘A’ .You know,alphabethical order .So ,I started my IT life with the Apple products.I can still remember my first Iphone.It was an Iphone 3 with a blue case on it.I was new in this technology world so I couldn’t make differences between companiesBut the Apple products opened the door that got my into technology.I didn’t know how to search for information on the Internet,but somehow I found Safari and then I found myself sorrounded by Internet pages and all that kind of stuff.I did’t know how to take photos either ,but I saw a camera and I was like’Hmm…What if I press on this button’And so I took my first photo.What I’m trying to say is that the Apple products are for beginners.People who want to learn how to use a phone or a computer(Apple computers are the most friendy computers ever) in a fun and easy way.The most truthfull example I can give you :my grandma can use an Iphone.Now I’m good in this technology domain because of the Apple products.


The Samsung products are not as friendly as the Apple products.The first time I put my hand on a Samsung phone,I deleted my dad’s email account.But the batery is better that the batery from the Apple products and also the capacity of photos and te capacity of things in general on a Samsung product is bigger.Many people say that Samsung copies Apple,or Apple copies Samsng.But while the two companies are fighting for the first place other companies like Sony,Lenovo… are taking their place.

We are wishing luck to both cmpanies,may the best win.I am waiting  for your opinion in the commens below.Bye!


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