Today in my life


I hope you are having an amazing day  and if you do,then congratulations .Me?Oh,I’m just sitting here ,drinking my tea and sharing with you the experiences that I had today.But first of,I just wanna thank you for my 2 followers,a small amount , but were getting to 10,so if you are not already subscribed , you should subscribe,right now.So let’s get started with my day.

I woke up pretty hard today , as in any other day of school,but especially today,because I could”t fall asleep last night.Ten , you know,the daily struggle,SCHOOL.You probably don’t want to here about chemical reactions, so In my school breaks ,I talked to my friend Alexandra and OMG  it was this classmate of mine.And she was just dancing in the hallway and then she saw me and she wanted to get into class,but then she slipped on a orange juice glass .IT WAS SO FUNNY! :)Yeah,so then I just got home and did some homework and I will have dinner after I finish writing this.So, a school day in my life is not very interesting , but I just wanted to talk to  you and I needed another blog for my series.

So that was so today’s blog.I hope you enjoyed it and if you did be sure to ‘Like’ this blog.I will talk to you in my next blog.Bye!


My photo says bye too!


One thought on “Today in my life

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