Count down to my birthday

Hello world,

How are you ?I missed your faces.I want all of you to get a cup of hot chocolate ,sit on your sofa or your bed and just relax,because it’s that time of the year when you just want to stay cozy.

So today’s blog will be all about my birthday.In exactly 15 days will be my birthday anniversary .I’m going to be 13 !!!And I really don’t know what’s about it,but I always get excited about it.I’m going to celebrate  my birthday party only with my parents and we are actually going to go to Milan,which is pretty nice.

As expectations,I don’t know.I really don’t wish something that much.What will be,will be.Each year,I get flower bouquets ,but there are always small and I have like 3 that are the same and then just grass.I always imagined how it would be if I would get a really big bouquet ,but a really big one,with a bunch of different flowers.

So that was for today’s blog.I hope you guys liked it and I makes your day better.And if you liked it give it a like and subscribe .Ok.I think that’s all.Bye!


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