I am sick

Hello ,

So BREAKING NEWS.I am sick!!!I was really cold the past few days ,especially at home ,I really don’t know why , but the thing is that I got the cold and my mom makes me go to school,even though I really do not feel good.I have to live a week with many cups of tea and hot soup and I can’t complain , I like this kind of food, but it is pretty annoying to do your homework while you are in your pajamas and you drink your tea.I have a sore trough and I am cold and I also have to take my tissues everywhere with me.Funny fact,today , when I was at school, I had all my supplies on my desk and my tissues 🙂 A few weeks ago,many of my classmates were like ‘I don’t fell good,I think I’m sick ‘ and all that kind of stuff and I was like ‘That’s never gonna happen to me , I ‘m going to get sick probably in December or January , not October,are you crazy?’,But it happened .

Yeah, I know my blogs are usually happy ones,but today I just wanted to sit down , drink my tea,blow my nose and just tell you what is happening .I really don’t want to put you in a bad mood.I hope that you will not get sick as I did.Wish all the best.

So I hope you liked today’s blog and if you did,give it a ‘Like’ and comment down below  if you are sick too,so I don’t fell alone in this.Ok,I will probably talk to you in a few days,but till then …Bye!


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