Today in my life

Hey guys ,

It’s Ilinca.Today I’m going to start a new series called ‘Today in my life’So it’s basically a series  where I just write random things about a day in my life and so yeah ,let’s get started.

The weather lately was so weird,like seriously.It was first like,20 degrees Celsius and then it went down at about 10 degrees Celsius.I am currently in fuzzy socks , because I’m seriously so cold and I’m in the house right now.It usually doesn’t happen but , you know…Do you wear fuzzy socks?Because I’m obsessed with them and I think they are the best invention ever.I’ve got 3 pears.I’ve got 2 with some bears on them and one pear is just simple with nothing on it, there are just purple.


And also ,school started and it’s already stressful , with homework and essays and all that kind of stuff.But it’s gonna be ok.Hope so.

so that was for today’s blog, I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did like this blog and also subscribe to be notified whenever I publish a blog.Bye!


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