I started school

Hey guys,

And sorry for not blogging in a while.And I feel like I say this all the time,but seriously I was so busy the past week with homework for school and all that kind of stuff.But anyways, I started school last week and if you guys didn’t know, I’m in seventh grade.Uhm,but yeah,so concluding this summer break like, I feel that every summer I learn something new about improving my confidence I learned and I swear to God ,this is the most important lesson you can ever learned.DO WHAT YOU LIKE,WHAT YOU WISH ,WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.

For example, if you want to climb the Everest mountain tomorrow , that is what you want, what you think you are prepared for then DO IT.You know, when I started my blog , I was so scared about what people would think about me,like’the weirdo with the blog channel’ and I still don’t have a subscriber,not one.But I believe that one day,a happy day,I will hit 100 subscribers,but till then, I have to work on my blog and try to improve it , for you guys to like it and to make you click that ‘follow’ button.But I mean , if you want to follow me, you should really do , because , why not.I mean we could all be friends and chat a lot.You know,like SQUAD GOALS.So yeah,I promise I will write to you as soon as possible , because I love reading all your sweet comments and see that you guys like my blog .So yeah.



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