Packing for London


Sorry for not blogging in a while.So today I am packing for London and I am going to stay there for only 2 days, just doing some before school shopping with my mom .If you want me to blog all that experience tell me in the comment section below and I will film my shopping session.

And on Monday , the pain starts , SCHOOL.I’m pretty excited for it, I mean , I missed being competitive and I really wanna be competitive again.And speaking of school season,my birthday is on the 26th of October and we are going to go to Verona , in Italy.So I’m also supper excited for that.Oh my God , I forgot to tell you that I recently made a Snapchat account and I’ve been posting all kind of random stuff in there,so if you want to follow me there , my username is ilinca2610/ilinca not really sure about it.But anyway I’m gonna talk to you tomorrow.Bye!!!


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