How to be a lady

Hi,it’s Ilinca here

So I was home the other day and I was like ‘What should I write for tomorrow’s blog?’.And I started reading this book ‘How to be  a lady’.And it is full with un useful advice.So I decided to put my finger on it  and try to show you , my opinion on how to be a lady.Oh, and if you’re a boy, sorry about it.

1.What to wear

So I know this is something we all LOVE,going shopping and picking an outfit.Now again, this is only my opinion , you don’t have to follow it if you don’t want to.There are 2 kinds of girls in this world: girls who dress in the way that people like them,and girls who dress in the way that they like themselves.I think that a lady should put those together and dress with something that she likes and in the same time, other people like her.I know is hard to find that kind of clothes, but eventually we say that we don’t have enough clothes.So go and have a shopping  session with your friends and pick something and ask them if they like it, that way you can be sure that other people will like it too + it’s a lot of fun.But if you have some strict parents who don’t allow you to wear some kind of  clothes , then go shopping with your mom, because I’m sure she will understand all your wishes.

le petite rob noir

2.How to act in public

I’m gonna explain this for more kinds of people , because ladies , we are not the same , thank Goodness.

Shy people: I know it’s really hard if you are shy to speak with new people and just act normal, because I was shy too.You know how I solved this problem.I wanted to organise a party for my mom’s birthday and I had to make a reservation for the restaurant.So I had to call them and talk to a total stranger.And firstly , I couldn’t speak at all.He was like ‘Restaurant Boulevard , may I help you?’And then I tried speaking and I’m still not entirely confident , but I’m working with myself and me and Ilinca are making a good team.So if you are shy just find a friend that you trust and you’re in the journey of being more confident.And the most important thing, don’t give up.Work with yourself and you’ll succeed.

Mean girls: If you have to deal with mean girls , just let them speak and go away .You are superior them.Try to avoid them or at least don’t reply to their fights , because maybe they have problems home and this is why they are reacting that way.

shy girls

So those were all my ideas for being a lady and if you liked it give it a like and I will talk to you tomorrow.Bye!


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