Sick days


Because it’s fall and the cold weather is coming , but not like cold like it’s cold outside, cold like you’re sick.So I know that some of you out there are sick or are just having a   sore trough  , or even a headache.You know, all that kind of things that are really annoying  and you can’t do anything because you think of what is happening to you ,or what hurts you.Don’t worry, because doctor Ilinca is here.I’m going to give you  some tips that will help you feel  better .And also , leave a comment below telling me when do you usually get sick.I usually get sick in November.

1.Having company

I know that when I was sick ,I always wanted company and my mom was like ‘Read a book , you’ll feel better’, but I couldn’t concentrate.So I would call a friend if it was holiday and just talk to each other.That way it makes you feel much more better ,because you just take your mind off that thing.

best friends

2.Make up

If you want to have fun , while you’re sick and don’t have your friends with you, take all the make up products that you own , and I do mean ALL the products, because if you don’t use them all ,it’s not funny.So take them and start applying them on your face.And then you can take a lot of selfies and see how awkward you were and then look back and you’ll start laughing .I promise you.

to much make up

3. Eating and movies

And if all of those fail , then put on some comfortable clothes and eat something yummy ,while you’re watching a movie.


So those were all my ideas on how to feel better when you’re sick .And if you are , I hope you’ll feel better.Give this blog a like if you liked it and follow me to keep up with my blogs and be part of the ‘Ilincators’ family.Bye!!!


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