1st of September : room decor;autumn activities

Hello my little blogging friends,

I have so much to talk about in this blog , so GET EXCITED.If you’re in your pyjamas right now ,then is no problem,cause I’m too, SHHH.Take your laptop , tablet ,phone,whatever you’re reading this from,seat on your bed with a cup of tea and light a candle to get in the autumn mood .Let’s get started.

So first of ,I just want to say ,and this is not related to the blog,I want to thank you for all your patience with the blogs  and all your comments.I know I didn’t publish blogs permanently on my trip in France,but trust me,you’re gonna love my blogs from now on.And let’s get this blog to as many followers as we can , so we can be together a WordPress family.Because I don’t like the idea of being a blogger and other bloggers,I want to be a family.’The Ilincators’.I really like this name .But anyway , let’s get started.

1.Room decor  

Ok ,so 1st of September just came and you have no choice , you MUST get in the autumn mood.And which is the place you spend most of the time till school starts:your bedroom.And it has to get in the autumn mood too.

The first idea is to light some candles , because they get you in that cozy spirit and they smell yummy so it’s a 2 in 1.My favourite candle right now has been L’Orangerie.I got it from France and it smells SO GOOD.


If you have a couch in your bedroom or you can even use your bed, you can add some pillows with autumn colours .


And the last idea is to change your frame with a autumn themed one.If you go on my previous blogs you’ll see a DIY frame and just try to do that but instead of putting something drawn by you , print a image with leaves or   related to autumn.


2.Autumn activities

Besides going to school and stressing about grades and everything ,because let’s face it , we all do it, you have to take time and relax.What you can do is spend time with family, talk with your parents, that way you get to know each other better.You can also watch movies , I mean this is what I do on rainy days  and if you really wanna laugh , you should check my ‘How I watch movies ‘ blog.It’s so funny.You can cook with your friends or family , or alone.I already feel that smell of pumpkin and cinnamon.You can make your nails , make body scrubs , just take your mind off everything that’s stressful.And in  honor of autumn cooking I found this really cool photo online and I’m really excited to try out the recipe.

apple tart

So that was it for today’s blog, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did give this blog a like and leave a comment below telling me what is your favourite thing about autumn.And also , if you ever try out any of the thing that I showed you ,PLEASE send me a photo on my instagram or even here.

My Instagram is: iliiincaaa

Have a nice autumn!!!Bye!!!


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