Packing , rainy day :make your day better

I think is the most annoying thing.I mean you have to concentrate,to take all the stuff you need and in the mean time you can only listen to music.So I just wanted to take a break from my packing and talk to you.

Starting with a funny thing.Yesterday , I was getting out of the shower, a hot shower,because in Romania is getting pretty cold and I wanted to go downstairs to get a tea.And when I almost got in the hallway , my foot slipped 3 steps and I ended up at the end of the stairs with my mom laughing at me.Seriously , I mean , I hurt myself and she was laughing.Actually if I would see something like this I ‘ll probably laugh.

So today is raining and it’s SUPER cloudy and that kind of autumn weather.And I just want for the summer to not end.I want colours .And I actually made myself a macaroons phone case,but it didn’t  work.What it work was a coloured photo.


When I look at this picture , I don’t know what happens , but I just smile.And also listening to music helps me a lot.But really happy music.Today I listened to ‘Walkashame’ by Meghan Trainor.

So I hope I could make your day better with colours , music and fun.PLEASE leave a comment below with what you like to do in rainy days.Bye:)


2 thoughts on “Packing , rainy day :make your day better

  1. I absolutely love rainy days! Hearing the rain fall actually puts me in a very relaxed state where I can finish a thought. Sometimes I would even run in the rain with my kids. Sometimes being aimless and carefree help with the load of responsibilities I have in my life. I love to organize the house, write and eat A LOT the most when it rains.


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