Harry Potter Themed Party ideas

Hi, it’s Ilinca,

Since I was little , I LOVED all the Harry Potter movies and I also LOVED the books.I think I know the first book by heart.This is why today I decided to give you some ideas on how to make a Harry Potter themed party.Maybe you want to use it as a birthday party , or you’re just bored in the remaining days of the summer holiday and you want to do something epic.I warn you it’s gonna take a while especially with the decor part , but it’s worth it.’Give it to me i’m worth it,baby I’m worth it’.Sorry, I sometimes have this kind of cray singing sessions.So anyway , let’s get into it.

1.The decor

So this is the most difficult part and it also takes the longest.You don’t need to have a very big room.It can be your bedroom , your living room , even your kitchen.Now, you have 2 options:either choose the dining hall or the outside of the Hogwarts Castle.I would go for the dining hall because it’s easier.So you will need to have some tables and some chairs.Most likely 4 tables for the 4 houses, but if you don’t have 4 tables it’s no problem.Then ,you want to put a lot of sculptures with flying lions or tigers whatever those were.And if you really want to go extra with the decor part , you can paint the sky and some stars on a big piece of paper and place it on the ceiling.


harry potter dining hall

2.The food

I know that is pretty unusual , but I love food.So…Yap.I would go for some whipped cream strawberries ,some apple cake, french fries , chicken.I’ll leave a photo of the table with food so you can see exactly what they ate.



This is the fun part,you can invite some friends , or you can do it with your family.Here are some ideas of activities you can do:

a)put some music from the Harry potter movies

b)make some DIY hats like the ones in the movies

c)mime characters

d)cook together the food

So those were all my ideas for having some nice last weeks of summer and have fun with your friends.And also , thank you for all the views and everything.Bye:)


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