Vacation:The best pictures

I know everyone looks foreword going in a vacation,but I mean ,those are tips not only for vacation ,but also for every day pictures.

1.The camera

I was always convinced that you have to have a real camera and a good one.But it can be a normal camera  and even your phone ,your tablet.So the camera isn’t important.


iphone 5

2.The position

This is the most important thing.The first tip that I can give you is to not use the ‘Duck face’.It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy,just DON’T USE THE DUCK FACE.

duck face

The next tip is for girls.So just be elegant , sylph ,be yourself,smile,look happy at least in photos.IMG_1700 Now, this is one of my favourite photos of mine and it’s NOT EDITED.


This is the last step here.Now,most of us tend to put too many filers and effects and in the end, the photo doesn’t turn out  good.My favourite filters on Instagram are ‘Amaro’ and ‘Lo-Fi’.

I hope I could give some useful advice .Bye.


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