How I watch movies


So today’s blog is going to be about how I watch movies at home.Because I’m not a very organised person and you’ll see,it’s going to be funny.

Let’s all imagine it’s Saturday evening and you don’t have any homework to do,so you figure ,you deserve a movie night.After spending an hour or even more in from of my DVD dresser ,I finally pick my movie.So then I just get in my bed and play the movie.After about 10 minutes , I always realise I’m hungry,so I go downstairs,not pausing my DVD and trying to make myself a snack.But I never know what I want,so I spend another 10 minutes there.After I fail in choosing my snack,I just take an apple and go back upstairs.After 20 minutes while I eat my apple and I am so confused with the movie,because I don’t  know any of the characters ,I feel a little thirsty.So I go  again in the kitchen  and I wanted to take a bottle of water,but we didn’t have any.What does that mean?I have to go to the supermarket to get a bottle of water.By the time I was back home,it was really cold,I went upstairs into my room and I put a blanket on .More confused with the movie  than before,I wasn’t having a very comfortable position.So I started putting a lot of pillows under myself and after that ,the movie finished.Like ‘What?’.

This was a real story.So I hoped you like this blog.Bye.


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