Hello beautiful people,

Today we are going do discover the world of Emojis.The best thing that ever happened from the apparition of texting.So let’s go!After you,after you.

1.Emojis I like

So there are 3 Emojis that I think are the best and I use them very often:the laughing one,the one with sunglasses and the angel one.Can we just take a moment.Thank you !So the laughing one is so real.It’s exactly what you think.Then the one with sunglasses is like the cool one.Whenever I write that one ,I imagine a guy coming in a nice car and…I don’t know.And the angel one is so delicate.laughing emojithe sunglass emojiangel emoji

2.Emojis I don’t understand

Here are again  3 Emojis that I don’t understand:the one in the shape of a flower with a pink stripe on,one like a shishbabob,but instead of meat it has some  snow cones and the one without a mouth.So the first one I think is sushi ,but is next to a cookie,the next one might be ice-cream ,and the last one might be sad.

weird emojiice creamface-without-mouth

So please leave a comment below if you know what these Emojis are.Bye!


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