How music makes us feel

Hi everyone,

Have you ever tried to listen to different kind of music in the same day?I don’t think so.

I had this experience today and I can guarantee you that is so INTERESTING.I mean each type of song makes you feel in a different way.


If you ever want to listen to soul music ,I recommend listening to ‘These arms of mine’ by Otis Redding.It makes you snap your fingers each syllable and roll you head.I think is one of the best OLD SONGS I’ve ever heard.It didn’t make me happy,but it makes you more confident (in my opinion).

otis redding these arms of mine

2.Rock &Roll

So this one has  such a strong action  on you,especially if you listen to the 50′ rock & roll.The first second you listen to it you just feel ,you need to dance.It makes you smile , dance ,feel better,in conclusion ,it makes you HAPPY.So happy ,that you think you can do anything.

rock and roll


Despite all of the teenagers say,classical music is REALLY COOL.The thing is that you have to know what to listen to.For example Mozart and Beethoven not only that are the composers that have some AMAZING songs ,but their music can also help you with homework.A recent study says  that classical music makes you do  your homework 50% quicker if you listen to Beethoven or Mozart.

mozart music

4.Pop music

This is the most appreciated music nowadays .The thing about it is that after you listen to  it once ,you listen to it OVER AND OVER AND OVER…And it’s really annoying.

pop music

So  I hoped you liked the blog.Bye:)


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