School season

Yap…School season…Is …coming!!!

I mean it has bad parts and good parts.But seriously now, who wants to be stuck in a classroom with all kind of fools and a teacher teaches ‘The art of boredom'(in my opinion).

So because of that ,I decided to teach you some lessons on how to resist a whole year at school  without complaining.



Breathing helped me so much,especially when I was very stressed or I had exams and all that kind of stuff.So what you have to learn is that whenever you have a problem or you fell bad ,lonely ,you just have to take a big breath ,close you eyes and try to figure the problem out,because nothing is impossible,hard,but definitely not impossible.You will see that you will feel much better after that.

2.Sport and flowers

sport and flowers

If you have so many thing going on in your mind,maybe you have your finals week ,then this is  the perfect way to get the maximum grade.Let your books on the desk for 30 minutes and take your bike or if you don’t have a bike ,put your trainers on and go for a walk.The most important thing is that when you do those things ,just enjoy what’s around you .Look at the flowers ,the trees,the animals if  you like, basically anything you like.Then go back home to you books and when you get to take the exam,just think of all those things that made you happy that day.

3.Don’t stress,relax


I know is hard to relax at school especially in those weeks when you have tests,but the  question you always have to put  ‘Does it help if I stress up?’.It doesn’t .Just be confident in what you learned and I’m certain that you are not the worse in that class.

So those were all my advices for school .Give this blog a thumbs up if you liked it and I will talk to you in my next blog.



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