The News

I never looked forward to seeing the daily newspaper  and I still don’t do it.I think is so boring.

So I was like ‘Hmmm…I have some breaking news about myself ‘. So I decided to make another DIY for you guys ‘The Newspaper’.It is basically the daily newspaper,but about yourself.You can do this newspaper every night and  in the next morning you can open it and see what you have to do for that day,or what you’ve done yesterday.And  I’m really sad to say that school is coming ,so maybe this could be an idea to stay organised  .Maybe you have to take something with you the next day  and all you have to do, is publish it in the newspaper and the next morning you will remind yourself to get that thing.I can’t tell you how many times I forgotten something for school.

But anyway,let’s get into this DIY:

1.So the first step here is to take a piece of paper and fold it in half.


2.After that you have to write on the cover whatever you want .I went with ‘The Daily News’,but again you can go with whatever your heart desires .You can also write the date if you want.


3.The next step and also the last one, is to open the ‘newspaper’ and write ‘Breaking News’ and under that you can write what you did yesterday,what you will do today,what you want to do tomorrow all that kind of stuff.


So that’s it for today .I hope you guys like it .And ,oh ,I almost forgot ,if  you want to follow me on instagram:




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