Back in Romania

I think is pretty safe to say that nowhere is better than home.I don’t know why,but I missed being home so much.I mean ,who doesn’t love a cozy bedroom.

cozy bedroom

Today I felt really creative so I decided to do a fun DIY,but I will share it with you guys.So the DIY that I’m going to be doing is how I like to call it ‘The creative frame’.So basically is just a frame and instead of putting a photo in it we will put something creative.I decided to go with ‘Alice from Wonderland”,but again ,it can be whatever  theme you want.

1.So the first step here is to take a frame and take the back side out.


2.The next step is to take a piece of paper and trace the shape of the back side of the frame on it.


3.Then,using scissors you have to cut the extra paper and the result will be a smaller piece of paper that fits in the frame.


4. After that, you will have to go on Google and search for quotes or drawings that go with the theme that you chose.

5.Then,you just have to let your creativity flow and go CRAZY with different paints ,patterns ,because let’s face it: it’s summer=happiness .


6.So the last step is to put your beautiful paper into the frame,but make sure that the part with the writing is facing the glass part of the frame.


And this is the final result:


So I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY tutorial and if you ever try this out PLEASE leave a comment below with the picture.



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