The trip to Buckingham Palace

Thursday, 30th of July

Hi everyone,

So yesterday we went on an academic excursion to Buckingham Palace.It was really nice.But I warn you,if you ever go to the Buckingham Palace and get ice cream from the restaurant , you will get obsessed with it.I was so hungry when I got there and I was like “Hmm…Maybe I should take an ice cream” and so I took the chocolate one.It was so good !!!

I also found out about that secret passage from the mirror,that seemed really interesting to me.I was really nervous at first, because in the morning,before we left,they gave us a piece of paper with some photos  and we had to write what that pictures were.And after I got in the bus to go back to the campus ,I realised that I did not complete the paper.But everything is ok now.

I also bought a teddy bear from the gift shop.It is dressed in a guard uniform and it is so cute!I still do not know how to name him.Please leave a comment below of some name suggestions.

That is all for today.Bye!


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