A busy summer day

Tuesday,28th July

I never imagined myself going to a summer camp.I have to admit that is not that bad,it is quite fun actually.You have the opportunity to speak with people from other countries and in my case ,I learned a lot of new languages.

But getting back to what I did today.I had to wake up at 7:45 am:(,than I had breakfast (I have to admit that  food is not the best thing at this camp) and then I had to go to lessons.You are probably thinking “What kind of normal person chooses to waste 2 weeks of their summer studying?”, but as I said ,it is fun.

The next thing I want to do it is just to take a hot shower and stay in bed for the rest of the day.Unfortunately I can not do that,because I have to this activity called “Creativity”.I don not know what is it about,but I suppose is something relaxing.

Also the weather here is pretty strange.In the morning it was really cold,but then ,after I got back from breakfast it was warm and now is cold again.Like “What is happening to the Planet?”.What am I supposed to do?Seriously now.

I am really excited about tomorrow because we are going to go on an excursion to Buckingham Palace.We are probably get there in 2 hours -2 hours and a half.


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