The Ultimate Guide To Self-Confidence

I know I used to talk a lot about self-confidence in my blogs until I realised that I was absolutely wrong about it.After all , I’m not the right person to talk about confidence, considering the fact that I used to be really shy before.But I guess you should take some advice from a person who actually used those tehniques.

All the rumours about doing yoga or stressing less…They only help your mind think that you’re more confident .It’s just an impression.Think of it this way:you are at the bottom of some stairs and the first stair is so hard to reach ,but then you realise that the others are easier to reach so you just have to JUMP.(btw that’s my masterpiece)image


Stair 1:Think of yourself as two persons 

The first one is always the hardest.Think of yourself as two persons working together in a team ,trying to win .Everybody wants to win , right?Here are some things that you might consider doing in order to step on the first stair:

  • Give your inner -self a name(my inner-self’s name is Charlotte)
  • As I don’t want to make you talk by yourself ,a good option is to write letters to your inner-self
  • Prove your team mate that you are good enough and that you can always get better
  • Write your achievements in your letters, so that way you can keep track of what you’ve done well so farimage.jpeg

Stair 2:The others

In order to look more confident on the outside, try some of the following tips:

  • Shoulders back,head straight
  • Don’t forget that you don’t have to be full of yourself ,that’s a totally different thing
  • Talk to people.If the don’t want to talk to you,that’s fine.But try to find a subject that interests you and other people.


Stair 3:Mentain your level of confidence at it’s maximum 

After you’re finished with steps 1 and 2 , you heve to mentain it .Continue to write letters and never ditch your inner -self.You need it.

I would really love to see if this tehniques work for you too.So if you try them out , make sure to leave a commet telling me how you feel now and also the quote that inspires you the most.Let’s try and make the comment section a place filled with confidence.


Traveling to Italy

Hello travelers,

If you are reading this , you probably want to travel to Italy.I’ve travelled to Italy quite a few times and I can tell you that Italy is a place surrounded by history and when you’re in Italy you just smell history.So we are just going to get on an invisible plane and go to Italy.

1.Some history about Italy

Ok,I’m not gonna get in too many details about the history of Italy,just a few words ,so that I can make you interested.Rome,the capital of Italy was the first city there and it  was built in 753 bc.Basically the italian culture is made out of other two cultures:the greek culture and the roman culture.In 395 dc,Italy was divided in two:the Western  Empire and the Eastern Empire.After a few years ,only the Eastern Empire lived.And then Italy turned out having many artists,known artists:Leonardo da Vinci,Sandro Botticelli,Dante Alighieri,etc.

2.What to see

So now moving on to the actual interest.So I am going to list some places in different parts of Italy ,cause Italy is not just Rome:

a)Rome:                                                                                      b)Sorrento(my personal favourite):

The Colosseum                                                                            The Amalfi Coast

The Cathedral ‘Santa Maria del Fiore’                                     The Piaza Tasso

The Pantheon                                                                                 B&B Maria Grande

The Uffizi Gallery

Fontana di Trevi


So there are all kind of small shops in Rome near the Spanish Steps and btw, the Spanish Steps are like the crowded place I’ve ever seen in my life.They also have some shopping centers ,but I only know one of them and I heard that this is the best ,because you can find different kind of clothes ,like cheaper ones and expensive ones and it is called Euroma 2.


Some really good restaurants that I’ve been to are:Agata e Romeo(you really have to try their broccoli pasta,they are soooo tasty);Caffee della Pace and Le Pergola.

I really hope this got you some ideas on what to do if you travel to Italy and I am waiting for your feedback in the comment section below.Buona giornata!

Changing everything

Hello everyone,

So today I’m coming up with really exciting news.Some days ago,I was looking at some old pictures of mine and I realized that I’ve travelled a lot.So why not share all my experiences with you guys.

Basically ,my blog will be a traveling and documenting blog.After I post thins blog I will  publish one about Italy with the history of Italy , things you can do there and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about it.I just wanted to publish this short blog first ,to keep you up with the news.I will write weekly blogs and let’s not use anymore time.See you in a few hours.

Desk organisation tips

Hello everyone ,

So I was online the other day and I was just thinking:we all want to have an organised desk space,but we have to do something about it,not just wait for a miracle to happen.So I have a few organisation tips for you to try out.

1.Doing one thing at a time

So as if you’re studying ,you have to do one thing at a time.That means that you have to have  a clean desk.have only your essentials on the desk , so that you can prevent being scared that you have too much to do.And speaking of essentials ,my desk essentials are:some hair ties , because sometimes I really want to get all the hair out of my face,then I have my desktop which is the latest Mac,I don’t know how is called,some pens , pencils, crayons,you know, something to write with and a vase with some flowers,because sometimes I just feel like having someone to talk to , while I’m doing homework.

2.Having drawers

I really recommend having a desk with drawers, that way , you can store all your supplies without having to put them on your desk.Also , putting in one of your drawers a agenda or just a plane notebook to write all your thoughts and things that you have to do , is a really good idea.Which brings me to my next tip.

3.Computer organisation

We are all now surrounded by technology.But one of the things we do wrong is that we use technology only for social media and photoshop.So a really good thing is to organise all your assignments in your computer, download all kink of homework planners that will help you being more organised.

so I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you did , make sure to give it a ‘like’.See you next time.Bye!


Tea and fantasies

Hello everyone,

So , as I was trying to find this week’s blog subject , I got inspired by tea.We al know that tea is known as the british drink :the british tea.I like to think that tea is the elegant drink and since I’m not living in the UK I don’t drink tea everyday.But I also like finding out about new things so we are goingto talk about some sorts of tea.

1.White tea

This one is also known as bai hao.This is a chinese tea and is also known for it’s delicate flowers.This plant is pretty rare ,you can only find it once a year.There are some popular  varieties of white tea:silver needle(bai hao yan zhen),this one contents the most delicate flavour.

2.Green tea

This one is not actually green,but pale yellow or straw color.Green teas that have been steamed contain moare moisture so are therefore more delicate.This also has some popular varieties:dragon’s well(lung ching);matcha;sencha.

3.Oolong tea

The Oolong tea has the largest array of flavours and aromas.The famous varieties are :thai guan yin(named from the Iron Goddess of Mercy);Dong ding (vegetal notes)

So that was for today’s blog.I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did give this blog a like.See you next time.Bye!




How books make us feel

Hello everyone,

Happy Sunday ! I mean why not ? Cause Sunday is Funday . I don’t know  , this is what I saw on a T-shirt . So today we are going to talk about books . My favourite book right now is ‘Code of da Vinci’ . My mom actually recommended and it is so good . If you are looking for a mystery and educational book  , this is the one .

So I don’t know about you , but sometimes after I finish a book , I feel like the things that happened to the characters have happened to me . But is just the writer’s creation to make you feel like that . So after I finish the book I’m usually happy and you know , proud and after that I’m coming back to reality . It’s the worse thing . But in my opinion , if the book doesn’t make you take part at the action is not a good one . I’ve found some that were just not  fun . 

Comparing to movies , books are more real . Because if you read a horror book and you read for example Frankenstein , you can feel him near you . But if you watch the movie , you’ll feel scared only after the movie has ended . What I like to do is first read the book and try to imagine exactly how the character looks , maybe draw it on a piece of paper and then ,watch the movie to see if I was right .

Please leave a comment below telling me what your favourite book is and what kind of books you like . Give this blog a like if you’ve enjoyed it and I don‘t know if you’ve noticed  , but in honour of creativity and imagination I’ve coloured my blog in different colours . I hope you are having an amazing day and see you next time . Bye!

New York City and new year resolutions


First of all , happy new year ! WOW ! 2016 ! It’s pretty amazing . I’m really excited to start this new year with better blogs . So because it’s the first blog of the year , I decided to talk about my trip in New York . You probably know that I spent my Christmas holiday in New York and it was amazing . I’ve never been to New york before , this was my first time and I’m really excited to tell you all about it . So the first thing I suggest doing is take a sweater or pullover or a jacket , if you are going there in winter as I did , because I had a real adventure in my first day there , I was really cold.There are a couple museums there like MOMA and Guggenheim , but I didn’t quite understand the artist’s perspective …And of course , shopping . I stayed 6 days there ,but it was worth.

Now for the new year resolutions , my biggest wish is to be myself and to be more confident . And I think this is one of the most important things because by being confident you are basically more successful .Please leave a comment below telling m what are your new year resolutions . Bye !♥